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  • How to apply to become a beta tester for ADVA Soft?

    To become a beta tester for ADVA Soft products, you should submit your qualifications by using email to support at In the subject line of your email, please write the following: “Beta testing for ADVA Soft”. We will analyze the information provided and notify you if you are approved.

  • Is it possible to work for the company as a freelancer?

    It depends on the position you are going to occupy. Send us your CV to jobs at In the subject line of your email, please write the following: “Working for ADVA Soft as a freelancer”. Before sending your CV, please check our current vacancies.

  • Could I help you translate your apps to my native language?

    We would be glad if our apps supported as many languages as possible, so write us to contact at and specify the language you would like to translate to and describe your experience as of a translator.

  • How can I know what payment methods I am allowed to use to pay for your app?

    That depends on the store you would like to buy a specific app from. If that is Google Play, please follow the link below, choose your country, and you'll get a full list of the accepted methods.

    If that is Apple App Store, here is the information on what payment methods you can use with your Apple ID by country or region:

  • I cannot figure out how to use Eraser.

    Eraser is not for removing objects, it’s for unmarking overmarked areas. In other words, it allows erasing those green areas that shouldn’t have been made green. The tool becomes active the moment you start selecting an object. When you are done with marking it, you could easily adjust the selction by using Eraser.

  • What is the difference between the ‘Save as Copy’ and ‘Modify Original’ options?

    The ‘Save as Copy’ feature allows saving a photo to your gallery separately from the original, whereas the ‘Modify Original’ feature replaces the original with it.

  • Why do I get distortions after removing an object from a photo?

    The app works best when removing separate objects from uniform backgrounds. If a background is complex, or an object is close to another object, you may experience distortions. The reason for that is as follows: after the algorithm, lying in the app, removes an object, it copies the pixels from the surrounding areas to fill the gaps in, and if there are other items there, it will just copy them. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no a way out of this situation. In complex cases, you’d better perform manual content removal with the Clone Stamp tool. It is a really helpful instrument that allows replacing an unwanted element with the content copied from another location in a photo.

  • How to get a refund for TouchRetouch for iOS?

    Unfortunately, we are not entitled to issue refunds directly to our customers. The only possible way to get a refund for an iOS app is through the App Store.

    Here are a few possible ways of how to apply for a refund from the App Store:

    Get a refund via iTunes
    1) Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Make sure you're signed in with your Apple ID.
    2) Access your account info. Click Account —> View My Account... in the iTunes menu.
    3) Find the Purchase History section and click See All. Scour the list and click More next to the purchase you'd like to get a refund for.
    4) Click Report a Problem and fill out the form to explain the reason for your request.

    Get a refund via the web
    1) Go to the Apple's problem reports page by following the link. Log in with your Apple ID.
    2) Find the purchase you want refunded.
    3) Select "Report a Problem" to the right of the purchase. Specify the reason you want a refund for and then provide additional details. Once you've filled out the form, simply click Submit.

    Get a refund via iPhone or iPad
    1) Launch the Mail app. Find the invoice of the purchase you want refunded. You could do that by searching "Your receipt from Apple" as this is always the subject of the invoice email.
    2) Once you've found the needed invoice, tap Report a Problem next to the app.
    3) You should be taken to the Apple's Report a Problem page. Specify the reason you want a refund for and then provide additional details. Once you've filled out the form, simply click Submit.

  • What's the difference between TouchRetouch (Recrop) and the Retouch tool (the Magic Crop tool) in Handy Photo?

    TouchRetouch (a single-function app) and the Retouch tool (a tool in Handy Photo) are different in terms of functionality. For example, unlike the Retouch tool, TouchRetouch offers the instruments for removing blemishes and lines with a single tap. The Retouch tool in Handy Photo allows only for basic content removal. As for AntiCrop (now Recrop), its updated version differs from Magic Crop (a tool in Handy Photo) just a bit. Unlike Magic Crop, Recrop offers compositional grids that greatly help when improving composition in photos. Moreover, Recrop has a completely different interface.

    To sum up, TouchRetouch and Recrop are the single-function apps that are a bit more advanced than the Retouch and Magic Crop tools that Handy Photo offers.

  • Can the app be used as an extension to Photos?

    Yes, TouchRetouch does support the Photos Extensions feature. To edit a photo in TouchRetouch from within the photos app, select the photo from the gallery, tap the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, tap More at the bottom, and select TouchRetouch from the list of the available extensions.

  • Is that possible to remove or replace a background in a photo?

    No, unfortunately, that's not possible. TouchRetouch allows neither removing nor replacing backgrounds. The main purpose of the app is to allow removing separate unwanted objects from backgrounds.

  • I have the app on my iPhone. Why am I asked to pay again when trying to install it on my iPad?

    As a rule, most of the iOS apps available on the App Store are universal and can be easily installed on both iPhones and iPads without paying twice. However, that is not the case with TouchRetouch. When developing the app (and that was long ago), we had to create two versions of TouchRetouch – TouchRetouch (optimized for an iPhone screen) and TouchRetouch HD (optimized for an iPad screen) (technical implementation was the issue). So, both apps have been sold separately. But that won’t last forever. We are now thinking about making the app universal.

  • Can I transfer the app from my iOS device to my new Android device without paying again?

    No, you cannot. There is no possible way to transfer the app created for some specific platform to a device of another platform. To get it for your another device, you have to buy the app from the store selling the apps designed for that peculiar platform. If you have bought the app for iOS, for example, you can easily install it on an unlimited number of iOS devices free of charge. But that won't work if you decide to install it on your Android device as well.

  • How to get a refund for TouchRetouch for macOS?

    Unfortunately, we are not entitled to issue refunds directly to our customers. The only possible way to get a refund for a macOS app is through the Mac App Store.

    1) Open iTunes on your Mac and navigate to Account —> View My Account... in the iTunes menu.
    2) Scroll down to the Purchase History section and click See All.
    3) Click Report a Problem.
    4) Specify the reason for your request and provide additional details.
    5) Click Submit.

  • Can the app be used as an extension to Photos?

    Yes, it can. Launch the Photos app on your Mac —> select a photo by double-clicking it —> click Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen —> click the Extensions button (a circle with three dots) right at the same area —> select TouchRetouch from the menu.

  • I have TouchRetouch on my iPhone. Can I transfer the app to my Mac without paying again?

    No, that's not possible. iOS and macOS are two completely different platforms. Technical development of the apps for these platforms differs greatly. macOS apps often have many more features than their iOS namesakes. There are even two separate stores for these types of apps. So, if you have TouchRetouch for iOS and need TouchRetouch for macOS, you'll have to buy it from the Mac App Store.

  • How to move a photo strictly along axes?

    To avoid sliding the photo frame when dragging it up, down, right, or left, touch and hold the photo firmly for some time until horizontal and vertical lines appear on the photo. Then, without releasing your finger, move the frame in the direction needed.

  • Why do I receive distortions after uncropping a photo?

    When expanding a photo, the app analyzes the content at the edge of it and adds pixels to the photo based on that content. If it contains many details, the area added will have distortions. To avoid this, please try not to experiment with unpredictable backgrounds like faces, buildings, etc. The best results are produced whenever expanding uniform backgrounds like the sea, the sky, etc.

  • What's the difference between the Classic Clone Stamp and the Pattern Clone Stamp?

    The Classic Clone Stamp works the way you select an area to take a pattern from and draw with that pattern in another place of a photo. The source pointer repeats the movements of your finger by following it in parallel. The Pattern Clone Stamp allows locking the source pointer in one place and draw with the pattern wherever needed.

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